Compiling OpenMW for Apple Silicon

OpenMW running natively on my Apple Silicon laptop

I recently managed to compile OpenMW for Apple Silicon. These are brief notes on how to do it. This is still less stable than the x86–64 version.

Instructions are adapted from this OpenMW wiki page:

  1. Make sure you have Xcode and brew installed
  2. Install the following packages. All of these are native for Apple Silicon:

3. Clone my fork of the OpenMW dependency repository (I’ve only added one commit in case you’re interested in cherry picking it):

4. The above step will fail first due to an issue with the Boost library. You’ll need to open this file…

…and comment out line 143:

5. Compile again and that should complete the dependencies step:

6. Pull the offical OpenMW repository and compile:

7. You will now have new .app files that you can open:

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